What is the Cloud processing location?

The Cloud service is hosted using AWS and is available in multiple AWS regions.

The Cloud processing location refers to the physical location being used by the Cloud service for storing the templates/images and for generating documents.  This is determined by the AWS region being used to host and run the service.

Each Cloud account can use any of the available processing locations.

API processing location

The location used for API operations is determined by the Base URL.  The available locations and corresponding base URLs can be found in the Cloud console.

Any templates or images required during the document generation process must be available in the combined environment and processing location that is being used for generating the documents.

Console processing location

Within the Cloud console the processing location can be selected at the top right of the page.  The Cloud console only displays the templates/images that are stored in the selected location.

Templates and images uploaded via the Cloud console will be stored in the selected processing location.

The render page will use the currently selected environment and processing location when generating documents.

Default console processing location

When creating a Cloud account, users are asked to nominate a default console processing location.  This is an account level property and applies to all users.

When a user signs in to the Cloud console for that account, their session will start in the selected default console processing location.

The default console processing location for an account can be changed at any time.


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