Multi Page Letter Template for Document Generation


A letter of notification that uses tabs and Word’s alignment options to achieve a professional business layout.

Includes a centrally-aligned static corporate logo, justified body section, left-aligned static signature image and right-aligned page numbering in the footer.

This example in detail

This example illustrates both ordinal date and datetime formatting, and the use of nested data.

Using ordinal dates

Dates at the top of letters may require the ordinal suffix (st, nd, rd, th).

For example, 3rd April 2023

In this example, the letter’s date is passed in as data in the standard UTC inputFormat, yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z' as 2023-04-03T00:00:00Z.

The template shows the ordinal function being used with the dateFormat function to apply the correct suffix to the "dd" day component of the date.

Versatile date formatting

The dateFormat function can cater for almost any desired date/time output format.

In the formatting of inspectionDate, the output datetime formatting string "EEEE, dd MMMM YYYY 'at' hh:mm aa" includes the word 'at' in single vertical quotes that passes through without any “date” interpretation.

Read more about Format Dates

Nested data

This example uses a nested data structure to show the details of the tenant to whom the letter is addressed.

    "addressline1":"51a Hargrave Road",

There’s a similar nested data structure for the property manager who is referred to in the body of the letter.

Standard dot notation is used in the template to access the nested objects.

For example, <<tenant.firstName>> is used to display the "firstName" object under the top level "tenant" object.



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