Getting Started with Cloud (DWS2)

A Docmosis Cloud account allows you to upload templates and generate documents using the Cloud service.

Step 1. Create an Account

You will need an account to get started with Cloud.

If you don't have an account, you can create a trial account.

Step 2. Generate a document for the first time from the Cloud console

This video demonstrates how to create your first document from within the console, using the SampleTemplate.docx template that comes with your Cloud account.

Step 3. Generate a document using the API

  • Choose a code sample from the Code Samples category that suits your preferred platform and data format.
  • Add the code sample to a project or application on your machine.
  • Update the access key in the code sample to the one from your account.
  • Run the code sample to generate your first document.

Cloud resources

All of the technical resources relating to Cloud are available here on the Resources website.


The documentation for all releases of Cloud can be found in the Documentation category.

Template Guide A complete reference for template authors
Web Services Guide A guide for software developers responsible for connecting to the Cloud API
Release Notes A summary of each release, including new features, API changes, and bug fixes 
Quick Reference A summary of all supported fields, expressions, and functions 

SDKs and code samples

SDK samples and code samples are available, for calling the Cloud web services.

Find SDK and code samples to download in the APIs & SDKs and Code Samples categories.

System requirements

System requirements for Cloud:

Application environment that can call REST web services using a HTTPS POST
Internet connectivity 
Optional modern web browser to manage templates and images via the Cloud Console


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