Docmosis-Java - Distributed Processing. Create a PDF via API

This code sample connects to a remote converter to produce a document.

You must run the remote converter first, using the runConverter script.

Running remote converters allows you to shift processing load to a different server from where you application is running.  It also means that you only need to have OpenOffice/LibreOffice on the server that the converter is running.

The ZIP contains:

  • runConverter.bat
  • WelcomeTemplate.doc
  • readme.txt (instructions on setup)

You will need a Free Trial to run Docmosis-Java.


import com.docmosis.SystemManager;
import com.docmosis.document.DocumentProcessor;
import com.docmosis.template.population.DataProviderBuilder;
import com.docmosis.util.Configuration;

 * A simple example showing Docmosis creating a PDF with dynamic data from a DOC
 * template.
 * This code sample attempts to connect to one remote converter on port 2100.
 * You must start the converter first using the runConverter script. 
 * See: com.docmosis.document.converter.RemoteConverter
public class RemoteRender {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		String site = new String("Free Trial Java");

		if (key.startsWith("XXXX")) {
			System.err.println("\nPlease set your license key");

		// Create the initialisation configuration
		Configuration config = new Configuration();
		config.setKeyAndSite(key, site);

		// Tell Docmosis to use one remote converter on port 2100 of this local
		// machine.

		// Use the DataProviderBuilder to build the data provider from Strings.
		DataProviderBuilder dpb = new DataProviderBuilder();

		dpb.add("date", "12 Jul 2016");
		dpb.add("message", "This Docmosis Document Engine is working!");

		try {
			// Initialise the system based on configuration

			File templateFile = new File("WelcomeTemplate.doc");
			File outputFile = new File("newDocument.pdf");

			if (!templateFile.canRead()) {
				System.err.println("\nCannot find '" + templateFile + "' in: " + new File("").getCanonicalPath());
			} else {

				if (DocumentProcessor.hasOnlineConverters()) {

					// Create the document
					DocumentProcessor.renderDoc(templateFile, outputFile, dpb.getDataProvider());

					System.out.println("\nCreated: " + outputFile.getCanonicalPath());

				} else {
							"\nRemote Converter not running.  Have you started the Converter using the runConverter script?");

		} catch (Exception e) {
			System.err.println("\nPlease check the following: " + e.getMessage());
		} finally {
			// Shutdown the system


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API Overview

Docmosis offers a high-performance, template-based PDF generation API. Suitable for use with custom software applications built using Java, C#/.Net, Python, Ruby and more. See a side-by-side comparison of the API for our SaaS and self-hosted products.