Getting Started with Cloud (DWS3)

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We suggest you split your investigation into two phases:

  1. Firstly, explore the Cloud Console.
  2. Next, connect your exisiting systems/software with the API to automatically generate documents.

Phase 1. Exploring the Cloud Console

The Cloud Console is a convenient web portal that can be used to upload and manage templates/images.

You can experiment with generating documents, using the Render feature, without having to use the API.

Start by:

  • Exploring the console using the menu down the left of the Console.
  • From the Templates page, select one of the sample templates preloaded to your account and then right-click > Render.
  • The Render page is provided as simple way of simulating a call to the API.
  • From the Render page, use the JSON/XML buttons to generate dummy data that matches the template.
  • Hit the Render button to generate a document based on the template.  The generated document will download in the browser.
  • Download a template and open using an editor on your computer.  Make some changes to the template; Save; then upload the modified template file to your account.
  • Render the template again to see the changes.
  • Start creating and uploading your own templates and generate dummy data to test them

This video demonstrates how to create your first document from within the console, using the SampleTemplate.docx template that is preloaded in your Cloud account.

Phase 2. Generate a document using the API

  • From the Account page of the Cloud Console, locate you Access Key and the base API URL for your preferred region.  You will need these to connect to the API.
  • Building a custom software application?  Download a Code Sample from this site that suits your preferred platform and data format.
  • Sending data from a third-party platform? Search the Integrations articles on this site or your platform.
  • Modify the example to use the API URL and Access Key unique to your account.
  • Using email to deliver a generated document is the simplest way to test the Render is working as expected. For initial evaluation try setting a StoreTo parameter of "mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".  Note: during a trial you can only email documents to yourself.
  • Run the example.

Refer to the Web Services Guide in the Documentation section for full details on connecting to the API.

Next Steps

  • Document: Try creating a template from scratch that matches your document.  You can download sample templates and matching data files from the Example Templates and Template Tutorials categories.
  • API: Decide on your preferred workflow.  Where is the live data coming from?  How is it structured?  This will determine how you should name the fields in your template.  Where should the generated document reside?

Please reach out to our Support Team with any questions.




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