Page Size & Orientation

There may be times when a single document needs to consist of pages of different sizes, in both portrait and landscape mode.

Or you may need to generate a document with an obscure page size like a mailing label, tickets, packing details, etc.

Microsoft Word and LibreOffice have different ways of making this possible.

Docmosis will honour the page settings it finds in a template and generate the documents accordingly.


Microsoft Word

Handy Hint: Turn on hidden characters in your document template, by selecting  from the Paragraph section on the Home Ribbon.This will allow you to see Next Page Section Breaks which have relevance when changing 
page size/orientation.


When the cursor is on a Section Break, you will be able to delete it and restore back to the previous page size/orientation.


1) To set the page size/orientation

Choose Layout from the main menu bar.


Use the Size and Orientation options from Page Setup to choose the desired page size and orientation.    

To create a custom size page: -

Open up the Page Setup Box by selecting the tiny diagonal arrow in the right-hand corner.
On the Paper Tab, specify Custom size.
Enter the desired size in the width and height boxes.
Press OK at the bottom of this Setup Box.


  • If you want to change the measurement unit used (mm, cm, inches, picas, point)
    for defining the new page size, go to File> Options> Advanced> Display
  • From the Page Setup Box, you can change margins, headers, footers and other layout
    aspects to be associated with the new page type.


2) To change the size/orientation of the NEXT page.

Insert a "Next Page" section before the page that needs to be changed in size/orientation.

From the Layout Menu, choose Breaks, then Next Page.



3)  Set your new page size/orientation.

On the next page, follow Step 1 to set up your new page size.



Handy Hint: By turning on , you can see the hidden manual page breaks which have
relevance when changing page size and orientation.


These page breaks can be edited/deleted by double clicking on them. Deleting a page
break will restore back to the previous page size/orientation.


1) Creating Page Styles

In LibreOffice, you need to initially set up Page Styles for all your pages of different sizes and orientations.

  • Choose Format - Styles and Formatting.
  • This opens the Styles and Formatting Box.
  • Anywhere within the Box, right click, then choose New.
  • This opens the Page Styles Box.
  • On the Organizer Tab, type the name of your New Page Style. For example, A5 Portrait.
  • On the Page Tab, select the desired page size from the Format drop down list.
    Then select the desired orientation. Press Apply and then OK.


The new page style will appear in the Styles and Formatting  Box.


To create a custom size page: -

  • Select User from the Format drop down list in the Page Styles Box and then enter the
    desired page size in the Width and Height Boxes.
  • To change the measurement unit (mm, cm, inches, picas, point) used for defining the 
    new page size, go to Tools - Options. Double Click LibreOffice Writer. Click on General.
  • From the Page Style Box, you can change margins, headers, footers and other layout
    aspects associated with the new page style.


2)  To set/change the page size/orientation

If first page of document, then: -

Choose Format - Styles and Formatting.
In the Styles and Formatting Box, double-click on the desired page style.

To change the page size/orientation: -

Choose Insert - Manual Break before the page that needs to be changed in size/orientation. 

This opens up the Insert Break Box.        


Select Page break.

From the Style drop down list, choose the style of page that will follow the Page Break. e.g. A5 portrait. Then click OK.


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