Example Contract

An Employment Agreement contract with numbered clauses that can be included or removed based on the data.

Includes page numbers, total pages and an address footer on every page.

The data in this example is "flat" as though it was generated by a webForm.


1) Numbering of the Clauses adjusts automatically

The clauses have been created using a Numbered List.

Some of the clauses are surrounded by Conditional Sections:  <<cs_  and  <<es_.

For example: 3) Internal Reporting  is preceded by <<cs_includeReportingPerson>>.

The data contains: "includeReportingPerson":"false" (JSON example).

In the final document item 3 does not appear.  The numbering of the remaining items in the list adjusts automatically.

TRY: changing "includeReportingPerson" to "true".


2) Page Numbering and Footers

The template uses the footer feature of: Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

In the footer: "Page [Number] of [TotalPages]" has been added using the built-in page numbering features of the template editors.

There is no need to write any code or provide any data to use this feature.

The footer also contains placeholders like: <<branchAddr1>>, which will appear on every page in the final document.


3) Paragraph Settings

Each numbered heading has the paragraph property "Keep With Next" set.

This means that at the time of document generation, if the text content under that numbered heading is pushed on to a new page as items are added/removed, the heading will also be "pulled" on to the new page.

This is a paragraph property that is set in the template using the built-in features of the template editors.

The same setting is also used for the "signature block" paragraphs at the end of the template, starting with the "I accept the above terms...".

This ensures that if the "SIGNED" or "DATE" lines move to a new page, then the preceding paragraphs "NAME" and "I accept..." wont' be split up.

Using these paragraph settings results in a template that flows and adjusts in a predictable manner.


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