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Interface FieldRenderer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AlternatingTableRowRenderer, BooleanRenderer, DateRenderer

public interface FieldRenderer

This interface defines an object that can provide particular formatting features for a renderer. The implementing class should make adjustments to the given RenderedField as applicable and then return it.

Method Summary
 RenderedField render(FieldDetails fieldDetails, RenderedField field)
          Make rendering adjustments for a field.

Method Detail


public RenderedField render(FieldDetails fieldDetails,
                            RenderedField field)
                     throws FieldRendererException
Make rendering adjustments for a field. Adjustments are made by adjusting the given RenderedField and then returning it, or by creating a new RenderedField instance and returning it. If no adjustments are desired the given RenderedField should be returned unchanged. The FieldDetails object gives details about the field.

fieldDetails - all the details about the field to be rendered.
the given RenderedField or a new RenderedField
FieldRenderedException - if a problem occurs during rendering.

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