Docmosis API 3.0.1

Package com.docmosis.template.population

Interface Summary
Cleanable Identify an Object that may be cleaned up.
DataProvider The DataProvider interface marks classes that can provide data to the population phase of document production.
DataProviderGrouping An interface to act as a blueprint for what a data provider will look like.
ImageSupplier This interface marks an ImageSupplier which can be used to obtain images on the fly.
MutableDataProvider An interface for a data provider that is editable.

Class Summary
CompoundDataProvider A DataProvider that provides a "chain" of data providers.
DataProviderBuilder This class helps to collect the data together for insertion into a document.
DataProviderFactory A convenience class for creating, building and extending DataProviders to feed templates.
DataProviderKeyParser A utility class to parse keys for data provider elements.
DataProviderSQLGrouping This class provides "grouping" information that is used to assist transforming a two-dimensional grid of data (eg a ResultSet) into a hierarchy of data.
DebugDataProvider This DataProvider implementation has been added to help with debugging or analysing the process of template population.
Discriminator A class that looks for column (or multiple column) matches.
GroupedSQLDataProviderPopulator A class responsible for plugging data into a data provider given an SQL Result Set and a data provider grouping.
ImageSupplierInfo Information about the supply of an image.
JSONDataProvider A MemoryDataProvider that can load itself from JSON formatted data.
MemoryDataProvider An efficient memory based DataProvider.
ReflectiveDataProvider This data provider uses reflection to try to obtain data from within an arbitrary given object.
ReflectiveDataProvider.DataFormatManager A Manager of data formats that are applied to the results of reflective calls to format the data before it is passed into the render process.
SimpleSQLDataProviderPopulator A class responsible for populating a data provider given an SQL Result Set.
SQLDataProvider Currently the SQL Data Provider doesn't support Image Data being provided by the database.
XMLDataProvider A data provider that can be converted to or from XML.

Exception Summary
DataProviderGroupingException A general exception for when data provider groupings are in an invalid state.
DataProviderKeyException An exception used when attempting to use malformed data provider keys to represent a call to a hierarchical data provider structure.
NoSuchColumnNameException This exception should be used when the data provider population process finds a column in the groupings that does not exist in the result set.

Docmosis API 3.0.1

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